Axiotron, makers of the Modbook, a MacBook converted into a tablet Mac, announced at Macworld Expo the new Modbook Pro tablet Mac.

The Modbook Pro ($4,999) uses the components of Apple’s 15-inch 2.8GHz MacBook Pro in an Axiotron-designed case. Weighing 6.6 pounds, the Modbook Pro has all the ports and drives found in the MacBook Pro, as well as a GPS device and an assistive technology dual switch port for connecting input devices for people with disabilities.

Andreas Haas, the CEO of Axiotron, visited the Macworld offices before the start of Macworld Expo. In this video, Mr. Haas gives us a close look at a preliminary, non-working prototype of the Modbook Pro. He also demonstrates Synergy Touch and Quickscript, two new software products for the Modbook

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Show Notes

If you’re at Macworld Expo, you can see the Modbook Pro at Axiotron’s booth (#502). If you’re not at Expo, visit Axiotron’s Web site for more product information.

As stated earlier, the Modbook Pro uses the components of the 15-inch 2.8GHz MacBook Pro. Here’s a list of the MacBook Pro technical specifications. The Modbook Pro does use the dual graphics subsystem that the MacBook Pro uses, but it doesn’t use the trackpad (obviously). Also, Axiotron replaces the iSight with its own webcam.

If you currently have a plastic MacBook or current MacBook Pro that you want to convert to a tablet, you can use Axiotron’s Modbook service.

Axiotron released its first Modbook at the 2007 Macworld Expo. You can watch a video of Senior Editor Jon Seff demonstrating the original ModBook in action. Be sure to read Jon’s impressions of the original Modbook.

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