Expo: TypeTrax manages Creative Suite projects

Insider Software on Monday introduced TypeTrax. It’s a new tool for managing design projects created with Adobe Creative Suite, priced at $99.95.

TypeTrax helps you manage projects, and it tracks, organizes and pre-flights project files, such as fonts and digital assets. It integrates with Canto’s Cumulus Digital Asset Management (DAM) software. When you drag a document into Cumulus, TypeTrax automatically detects and displays the project’s font resources.

TypeTrax also provides access to font metadata, and enables you to view native fonts and associated data within Cumulus. When you check out an InDesign doc, Cumulus and TypeTrax preflight the doc to make sure that all fonts are included, and that images and any other resources are included as well.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.4 or later. TypeTrax supports OpenType, Type1, dfont and Mac and Windows TrueType fonts. Canto Cumulus 7.0 or later and FontAgent Pro 4.0 or later are also required.

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