Disasters like fires or floods are hard to imagine happening to your home, but it unfortunately does happen in real life. Normally, a hard drive (among the other items in your home) would be ruined by fire or water. That’s where the ioSafe Solo comes in. The ioSafe Solo is the black box of storage options, providing disaster protection and peace of mind by surviving situations other drives can’t.

To withstand moisture, the ioSafe is sealed in a HydroSafe waterproof package that can handle up to 10 feet of water. The ioSafe Solo also has a ceramic block for fire insulation.

In this video, I test the ioSafe Solo’s ability to withstand water and fire. I submerged the drive in some water, and then I took the drive to a place called The Crucible and turned a flame cannon on to the drive.

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Show notes

We have a full review of the ioSafe Solo ( ).

You can also visit the ioSafe Solo product page for more information.

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