Macworld Expo isn’t just about Apple and the company’s new products. There’s a lot of new hardware from third-parties at the show that are deserving of attention.

In this special From the Lab edition of the Macworld Podcast, I talk to the Macworld Lab Director James Galbraith and Macworld assistant editor (and games guy) Chris Holt. We’ll talk about a few hardware products that have caught their collective eye, from a Lab point of view.

The podcast ends with a discussion of the elephant in the room-Apple’s new 17-inch MacBook Pro.

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Show Notes

From the Lab is our blog that has latest hardware reviews and testing straight from Macworld Lab.

The products we talk about in the podcast:

We talk at length about the 17-inch MacBook Pro. Chris Holt has the lowdown on the specifications and the customization options. Aayush Arya wrote about his first impressions of the 17-inch MacBook Pro. You can also visit Apple’s 17-inch MacBook Pro product page for more information.

As soon as the 17-inch MacBook Pro is available, we’ll get our hands on one and have a full suite of benchmark tests, including battery life. Stay tuned.


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