Expo: PDF Shrink can now create viewable files for iPhone, iPod touch

Apago has updated its PDF Shrink utility, allowing iPod touch and iPhone users to look at PDFs on their mobile devices. The PDF Shrink update is on display at Macworld Expo in San Francisco this week.

PDF Shrink can reduce most PDF files—including those created by iLife, iWork, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft’s Word and PowerPoint apps—by as much as 90 percent of their original size.

PDF Shrink 4.5 lets Mac users shrink PDFs to make the entire file, including images, viewable on an Apple handheld device. It also improves the utility’s speed. PDF Shrink continues to allow for processing entire folders of PDF files, manipulating JPEG resolution and compression levels, removing embedded fonts, and deleting unused elements like metadata and thumbnails .

The company offers a fully functional, 10-day demo. PDF Shrink 4.5 is free to registered uses of PDF Shrink 4; the app costs $35.

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