The Macalope Weekly: Do not look back in anger

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Well, it’s all over but the shouting. And, boy, was there a lot of shouting. But the Macalope wants to know, what’s Macworld Expo to you? Is it all over? Can we make something from nothing? And where’s the horny one’s liver?

Promises, promises

Your disappointment is palpable. The Macalope can taste it from here. Really he can. It’s bitter and acrid.

With a slight aftertaste of melon and oak. Hmm. And they say nothing good ever comes out of a screw-cap bottle.

But what did you expect? No, not literally, like “I expected a Mac mini and a new iMac and WHAAAAA!!!” Yes, yes, we know what the rumors were. But did you really expect to have an Apple keynote that left you feeling excited about Apple keynotes? That’s probably what we all hoped for (we’re kind of stupid and selfish that way), but in retrospect it doesn’t exactly play into Apple’s hand, what with the canceling of the Apple keynotes and everything.

Breakup sex might be hot, but it probably shouldn’t be if you really want to stay broken up.


Death of a sales venue

Was it, as some have said, the "Worst. Macworld. Expo. Evah."?

Well, truth be told, not by a long shot, at least for this mythical beast.

Your Macworld Expo mileage hinges on what you trying to get out of it (and the machinations of several large and shadowy oil cartels). Because Macworld Expo really is four things: the keynote, the convention floor and vendor announcements, the presentation tracks, and finally the social aspect.

The quality of the keynote takes nothing away from the other three. The Macalope’s here to tell you Jell-O shooters are just as sweet whether you have them off a shiny new iPhone or a shrink-wrapped iLife/Leopard/iWork boxed set.

He heard mixed results about the showroom floor and vendor announcements. Obviously there were some big names missing and, while many attendees and media the horny one spoke with couldn’t really tell the difference, a number of vendors said foot traffic was down.

Is that all Apple’s fault? In this economy? Not likely. Apple didn’t invent the mortgage industry. But, hey, maybe they’ll reinvent it and get us out of this mess.

Same time next year

Who knows, maybe next year we’ll all be living in the cardboard boxes our 17-inch MacBook Pros came in and the thought of shelling out money to attend a trade show will be absurd. But if the earth doesn’t open up and swallow us whole, the Macalope suggests you give attending again some thought.

Everyone focuses on the keynote, but for the Macalope, that’s really just an excuse for the socializing. In that regard, this was perhaps the best Macworld Expo ever. Maybe because no one was sure if we’ll all be together again next year. Strangely, though, you don’t need a keynote or Apple, per se, to have a Macworld Expo.

All you need is an excuse.

So let’s do that. Let’s all commit to finding, stealing, or building an excuse out of spare parts you can find around the home to come next year.

The Macalope’s putting a stake in the sand. He’ll be here.

But then again, he’s everywhere, so it makes it a little easier.

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