Expo Notes: Feral’s big secret

If you wandered your way over to the Feral Interactive’s Macworld Expo booth on Friday, you might have noticed something a bit different about the shirts the exhibitors were wearing. On the back of the shirt, for all the world to see, was the iconic Big Daddy character from the Bioshock series.

Hoping that this was not some kind of terrible wardrobe malfunction, I talked to a couple of Feral’s representatives, who confirmed the dystopic adventure first-person shooter is coming to Mac.

Mac gamers can look forward to playing through the underwater city of Rapture, full of homicidal gene splicers, creepy little girls, ghosts, and one doozy of a story arc.

So there’s a good big of gaming news to come out of Expo—one of the most decorated games to grace the gaming world in the last few years will be coming home to Mac.

Editor's Note: Article edited to remove speculation.

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