Apple Earnings Call: Live Update

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2:56 PT - DM: Tim: If you look at the Mac and the slight decline sequentially and you think about the macroeconomic environment between Q4 and Q1, I think it's a fantastic result. Did take down channel inventory some. Market as projected by IDC says that worldwide market actually contracted, so comparing 9% Mac growth to a negative number, I feel very good. Revenue share over 32 and Apple number one in revenue share in retail in the U.S. All fantastic results and we're very proud of them.

2:57 PT - DM: Needham: On Apple store, what was average number of stores open during quarter?

2:57 PT - DM: Peter: 249.

2:57 PT - DM: Needham: How many one-on-one sessions during quarter?

2:57 PT - DM: Peter: Don't have that in front of me, but we did set a record during quarter.

2:58 PT - DM: Needham: 500 million downloads from App Store. What percentage were paid and were free?

2:58 PT - DM: Peter: We're not disclosing. But we are thrilled with App Store. Pleasure to say we surpassed 500 (he said thousand, but he meant million) and more than 15,000 apps in the store, up more than 10,000 since last conference call.

2:58 PT - DM: Needham: Continue to report revenues of App Store within iTunes or will you separate?

2:59 PT - DM: Peter: This point, part of iTunes, and no plans to change that at this point.

2:59 PT - DM: And that's all she wrote, ladies and gentlemen.

2:59 PT - JS: Thanks for your service, Dan. Well done as usual, except the part about the hedges. Not that part.

2:59 PT - DM: So am I still fired?

2:59 PT - JS: No, you can stay. But sit up straight. Posture, man, posture is important!

2:59 PT - DM: Phew. Well, see you in three months then.

3:00 PT - JS: And as the lady who moderates the call says, "Have a wonderful day."

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