iPhone Game Roundup: Tic A Tac Poker, Puzzle Quest, Oddage

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Tic A Tac Poker

combines Tic Tac Toe and Poker to create a new poker game for the iPhone. You have eight chances to put together your best hand by playing down, across or diagonally. The game includes three play modes, a high score leaderboard and community forum with postings of images and text, private messaging and "friending." It costs $1.99.


Danilo Campos' debut iPhone game is called Oddage. The game presents you with four words, one of which doesn't belong. You have to choose correctly to gain points and continue; the longer you play, the longer that list of words gets. The game contains 900 words across 50 categories. It costs $2.99.

Chop Sushi

THQ Wireless' newest entry to the App Store is Chop Sushi, a puzzle game featuring, as you may have guessed, sushi. The gameplay is straight-up "match three" style puzzle action featuring more than 40 unique levels; you use the touch screen to wield chopsticks and swap sushi pieces across the game board. Fifteen unique items introduce new challengers and secret recipes. You can create combos, trigger the Wasabi Bomb and more. Chop Sushi is priced at $2.99. By the way, if you want to stay abreast of THQ Wireless' latest efforts in the iPhone space, you can now subscribe to their podcast.


Resolute has released the full version of ThumStruck, a music-based rhythm game for the iPhone. Following the successful release of ThumStruck Free, ThumStruck features expanded gameplay and new songs. Ten songs are included, each with three difficult levels. You time your "thumstrucks" with the music, and explode elemental orbs as they pass the corresponding bar (blue for ice, yellow for fire and red for lightning). It costs $2.99.

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

TransGaming has released Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords on the App Store. It's an iPhone/iPod touch adaptation of the enormously popular puzzle game with RPG elements. The game is the first in an expected trilogy which will roll out this year; it includes interactive elements connected to TransGaming's GameTreeLive service. It costs $9.99.

SlotZ Racer

Freeverse Software has released SlotZ Racer, a slot car racing game for the iPhone that costs $2.99. Up to four people can race on a single iPhone, competing for laps or against the clock. The game also lets you design your own tracks. Also, a track editor tutorial has been posted to YouTube to help you get started.


Resistor Productions' bizarre iGirl is a $1.99 app that lets you manipulate a 3D female model; she can take various actions like dancing and speaking. You can shake the device and touch the screen for more interaction. You can adjust hair color, skin color and clothing, change languages and more. Not quite a game—more like a virtual doll.

Downhill Bowling

Take regular bowling, but combine it with some downhill racing and obstacles, and you have GameResort's Downhill Bowling. Priced at $4.99, the game features 10 levels, as you send your ball careening downhill through winding tracks and over jumps, picking up coins, bombs, cannons, speedups, sheep and more.

Silent Hill, DanceDanceRevolution S Lite now available

Konami has announced that iPhone versions of Silent Hill and DanceDanceRevolution are now available from the App Store. Silent Hill: The Escape is based on their popular survival horror game franchise, in which you must escape from an abandoned hospital filled with monsters. It costs $7.99. DanceDanceRevolution S Lite is the first installment of the enormously popular dancing rhythm game franchise, in which you tap arrows on the control pad as they appear on the screen. As the "Lite" in the title implies, this game is free.

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