Security software makers respond to iWork trojan threat

Following Intego’s announcement Thursday that pirated copies of iWork ‘09 may contain a trojan horse, Symantec and have also responded.

Symantec’s Mike Romo confirmed Intego’s findings, adding, “While Symantec Security Response rates OSX.iWork a low-level threat, it is still significant because with the current economic crisis, more and more people might be tempted to pirate software instead of paying for it. What’s particularly vexing is that unless users have some kind of security software, they  would never know that their Mac was compromised because the iWork components themselves would work normally.”

Romo noted that users of Symantec security products can protect themselves by making sure their virus definitions files are up to date for Norton AntiVirus for Mac, Norton Internet Security for Mac and Symantec AntiVirus for Mac.

Meanwhile, Mac security site is offering users a free tool to remove the iWorkServices trojan from their system.

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