WritersPub.com Web site launches, for writers

Mariner Software has announced the launch of WritersPub.com, a Web site specifically for writers. The site is free, and lets writers interact with each other.

WritersPub.com gathers writers of all stripes, from amateur to professional, and encourages them to participate with each other. Users can upload stories and other written works, crete groups and write reviews. The site utilies a point-based reward system — the more you review others’ work, post comments and contribute to the site, the more points you earn. When you earn enough, you can post your own stories for review.

The site features a forum, the ability to view members online at the same time, friend invitation, browse by author or genre and more.

Mariner Software’s stable of products include several aimed at writers, including Mariner Write, MacJournal, Montage and StoryMill.

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