We’ve recently posted some videos from the Macworld Pulse event on the last day of this month’s Macworld Expo. Macworld Pulse featured a series of interviews with interesting people from the Mac universe. While video is all well and good, we’ve received multiple requests from readers for an audio version of those interviews. So in this edition of the Macworld Podcast, we’re featuring audio editions of two Macworld Pulse interviews.

First, we’ll hear from Craig Hockenberry, chief typist at The Iconfactory and author of Twitterrific for both the Mac and iPhone. We’ll follow that up with an interview featuring Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster, publisher of Delicious Library. Both interviews are hosted by Macworld editorial director Jason Snell.

Hockenberry talks about iPhone development, interfacing with the human body, and Twitter. In his interview, Shipley talks about the App Store, where developers get their ideas, and why ideas are easy but implementation is hard.

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Show Notes

If you think that a moving picture is worth more than a thousand words, be sure to watch the video versions of our interviews with Craig Hockenberry and Wil Shipley. We’ve also posted video interviews with John Gruber and Merlin Mann as well. And there will be more videos to come.

Thanks, as always, to the organizers of Macworld Expo for letting us repost this content.


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