This installment of the Macworld video covers two distinct topics. First, in a follow-up to the TechRestore MacBook Pro hands-on report, I take a quick tour of this matte-screen-converted unibody MacBook Pro on video, due to the furor raised over my photos of two small damage areas in my original write-up. In the video, I take a quick tour of the bezel area, and then look at the modified machine sitting next to its unmodified sibling.

After that, I take a look at Growl, a free application notification system that displays notifications in a useful and unobtrusive manner. That's a mouthful of words, but basically, Growl watches other applications so you don't have to. If you use Transmit, for instance, Growl can tell you when a large upload or download has completed. If you use NetNewsWire to read news feeds, it can tell you when feeds have been updated, or all feeds have been downloaded. In the video, I provide an overview of Growl's features, and demonstrate some of what you can do with it.

Download Macworld Video #92

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During the video, I mention:

  • TechRestore's MacBook Pro matte screen conversion: This program removes the stock glass and glossy screen from your unibody 15-inch MacBook Pro and replaces it with a matte screen and flat black surrounding bezel, all for $199. Having used the machine for a week now, I’m really loath to send it back to Macworld Lab!
  • Transmit: Panic’s FTP program, Transmit, is Growl-aware, and I mention some of the ways you might use Growl's notifications with Transmit, especially across your network.
  • DropCopy: This network transfer tool that makes it super-simple to copy files and folders, and send messages, between machines on your network. It's free to use for up to three machines in your household, and you can read more about it in Dan Frakes’ Mac Gems write-up.

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