Exibia broadcast scheduling app adds ‘Play Now’ feature

Plyxim has released Exibia 1.4, an update to their broadcast scheduling application for Mac OS X. Exibia costs $499 per server license.

Exibia is used by cable television operators for broadcast. It handles the scheduling and playback of video content, and enables users regardless of computer platform to upload and schedule videos for playback using a Web browser—it even works with the iPhone or iPod touch.

The new release of Exibia adds a “Play Now” feature, enabling users to schedule videos for instant playback. You can also now log in to the Exibia Web client as an administrator. The update is free for registered users.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.4.2 or later, a Mac with an available video output, G4 or better, and large hard drive (recommended) for video storage.

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