Syncing files between different computers, Macs and PCs alike, isn’t a new idea. But Dropbox does it better than any service I’ve yet seen. The transfers are fast and seamless, and the first two gigabytes of storage space are free.

In this edition of the Macworld Video, I take you on a tour of Dropbox, showing you how it works, what it looks like, and a few quick shortcuts. The good news is, since it’s got a free version, you can try it out for a while and see how you like it.

And one of my favorite features of Dropbox is its built-in version control. If you change a file and later regret the changes you made, don’t worry—you can go back to Dropbox’s web site and retrieve an older version. Pretty cool stuff.

Download Macworld Video #93

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Lots of strange things in this video. I make reference to an obscure novelty song from 1944, the existence of which I know only because it features in one of the more bizarre anecdotes in my favorite sports book of all time.

The contents of my box prop are: a Biotron Micronaut, a plush Shamu, a Fairytale Beanie Baby, a plush Spider-Man, and a Darth Vader mask.

Thanks to John Gruber for the picture of Merlin Mann. Thanks to Merlin Mann for the hearty recommendation to try Dropbox that he gave me at Macworld Expo.

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