Stacks plug-in expands RapidWeaver Web site development

YourHead Software has released Stacks 1.0, a new page style plug-in for RapidWeaver, the Web site creation software for Mac OS X. Stacks costs $19.95, and a demo is available.

RapidWeaver, developed by Realmac Software, is a template-drive visual Web page creation software app; it helps you build new Web sites quickly without having to hand-code each page in HTML. It sports a plug-in architecture that enables you to embed QuickTime media, iPhoto galleries and other types of content on your pages.

Stacks is also a plug-in, but it’s a general-purpose layout tool, so you can use it to help you create custom Web site designs in RapidWeaver, using RapidWeaver’s many themes. The software comes with a library of building blocks to help you get started. Stacks produces valid xHTML and CSS, and doesn’t rely on Flash or scripts.

You can move, resize, style and nest elements inside each other, and pages created using Stacks will re-flow content to fit the dimensions of different themes without requiring you to relayout Web pages manually.

Web site designers and developers looking for more extensive control can build their own Stacks library elements using CSS and HTML — YourHead has published an Application Programming Interface (API) to enable them.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.5 or later, RapidWeaver 4.2.1 or later and 5MB hard disk space.

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