MobileMe mail and Internet Explorer 6

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Reader A.M., who works in a restrictive e-mail environment, writes:

I have a MobileMe account and at work they use Internet Explorer version 6, a version of Internet Explorer that can’t access MobileMe’s e-mail. My workplace has very tight Internet security and they are not upgrading to version 7 of Internet Explorer and won’t let us use a different web browser such as Firefox. Is there any way for me to check my MobileMe mail from work?

My very general advice about dealing with recalcitrant IT departments is to bring them a large box of doughnuts, thank them kindly for all their hard work (hard work that they’re never thanked for, by the way), and then leave without uttering another word. Repeat the next week. On the third week, bring the doughnuts and then, just before you leave, say “You know, there is one little thing…” and then explain your situation as politely as possible. With luck (and the power of deep-fried dough) IT may come up with a solution.

In the meantime, fire up Internet Explorer and travel to SoftCom Technology’s Mail2web. This is a web-based email retrieval service. All you need to do is enter your MobileMe account name and password and click Check Mail. In a few seconds, a web page appears with your email on it. Just as you can with other web mail services, you can reply to or forward messages you receive as well as create new e-mail messages. When you create a new message, the Reply To field is automatially filled in with the email address you’re in the process of checking—so, if you’re checking, the Reply To field (the address any reply will be sent to) is also

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