Hitachi acquires G-Tech, SimpleTech maker

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (GST) has announced the acquisition of Fabrik, the storage peripheral maker behind G-Technology and SimpleTech. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Hitachi GST manufactures hard disk drive mechanisms, acquiring the business from IBM in 2003. Fabrik’s G-Technology brand focuses on content creation professionals and the A/V market; their products cater to Mac users, with FireWire connectivity and product designs that complement pro Mac models. SimpleTech makes USB 2.0-equipped drives aimed at general consumers and PC users.

The move gives Hitachi GST a foothold in the retail drive market, already occupied by competitor Seagate, which made a similar move in 2005 when it acquired Maxtor.

Hitachi GST indicated in a statement that Fabrik’s business will continue intact and will form the core of a new external storage business for Hitachi GST going forward. Mike Cordano, CEO and co-founder of Fabrik, becomes an executive at Hitachi GST. Cordano previously worked at Maxtor.

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