We devote this episode of the Macworld Podcast to small things. Specifically, our two interviews look at netbooks and iPhone and iPod touch applications.

According to IDC, netbooks sold quite well in 2008—to the tune of 10 million of the little suckers. And the number of these diminutive laptops sold should double in 2009. Yet Apple is nowhere to be seen in this market. To get an idea of what a netbook running OS X might feel like, Macworld editorial director, Jason Snell, hacked a $340 netbook to run the Mac OS and gave it a whirl. He discusses his experience in our first interview.

In our second interview, I speak with Pinch Media’s co-founder and CEO, Greg Yardley. Pinch Media offers analytic tools and services to iPhone developers to help them learn how their applications are (or aren’t) being used. Greg has a lot to say about how applications succeed at the App Store and what developers have done to increase their exposure and sales. If you’re a current or aspiring iPhone application developer, you’ll want to tune in.

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Show Notes

In my News and Commentary segment I discuss a few of the high points of the Safari 4 beta. Senior editor Rob Griffiths covers Safari 4 in far greater depth in his First Look: Safari 4 Beta.

The test subject for Jason's Hands On With an Imaginary Apple Netbook article was MSI's Wind U100 netbook. To learn more, check out this MSI page devoted to it. (And look, it even comes in a shade called "Pinky Love!")

You can take a look at the slides from Pinch Media's AppStore Secrets presentation in this Pinch Media blog entry.


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