Digidesign updates Pro Tools 8

Digidesign released an update for its market leading digital audio workstation, Pro Tools 8. The update addresses problems in several areas including editing, plug-in automation and the user interface.

The user interface fix is a welcome one for users of Pro Tools 8. The interface bug affected users inserting third-party plug-ins into a channel strip. Once closed and then re-opened, the mouse would not navigate the interface as expected. There was an offset present that made the plug-ins almost impossible to use effectively.

A problem was fixed that caused Pro Tools to crash and delete regions when a sessions start time had changed.

Plug-in automation caused a couple of problems for Pro Tools 8. The application would crash when moving an automated plug-in from Inserts F-J to Inserts A-E. Another automation bug that caused the automation to be overwritten for all other plug-ins when writing automation to a plug-in on Insert F-J.

Pro Tools 8.0cs2 can be downloaded from the Digidesign Web site.

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