$2.5 million bedazzled iPhone coming to a palace near you

In these tough economic times we're in, it's wise to save what money you earn, stowing it away to help you through the ever-worsening recession. Or you could drop $2.5 mil on a diamond encrusted iPhone. Different strokes, I suppose.

This gaudy-beyond-belief iPhone 3G was modified by Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson and is known as the "Kings Button." The name refers to none other than the rare 6.6 carat diamond that sits atop the Home button. The iPhone's case has also been remade out of solid 18-carat yellow, white, and rose gold—but who cares about such trivial matters; look at the size of that diamond!

The surreal price tag makes the Kings Button not just the most expensive iPhone in the world, but quite likely the most expensive cell phone in the world. It also makes the "I am Rich" app look like a downright frugal purchase.

You can view more pictures of this bedazzled monstrosity at Aloisson's website, which also offers a solid 18-carat yellow gold Nokia E51, among other basic life necessities.

[via MSNBC]

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