Old iMac reincarnated as Dreamcast game console

If old iMacs that lived immoral lives of sin are reincarnated into garbage disposals and Zunes, then the ones that lived noble and righteous lives are clearly reborn as Sega Dreamcasts.

And so it makes sense that after modder Logicdustbin's saintly first-generation iMac passed on, he stripped it of its bulky CRT display and replaced it with an LCD. Then, he completed the sacred reincarnation by adding a Dreamcast to the hollowed-out unit, fitting the controller ports onto the front of the computer and wiring up the power button. The result is a 10 year-old Mac that probably runs more games than most current Macs (I kid, I kid!).

It all looks amazingly clean and natural—he even made the disc drive easily accessible through a removable hatch in the back. This is Mac-modding magic at its finest, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy a video of the "iCast" after the break.


[Via Engadget]

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