Despite our lawmakers’ best efforts to keep us from doing incredibly stupid and dangerous things while driving, some motorists still insist on taking their eyes off the road to muck with one electronic gewgaw or another. Understanding both the benefits and perils an auto-bound iPod can bring, I devote this episode of the Macworld Video to tips that may help save your life (or, more importantly, mine) while driving with an iPod.

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Show Notes

In my home state of California, it’s illegal to use a cell phone to make or receive calls while driving unless you use a hands-free device. (Exceptions apply, however. It’s perfectly okay to use your phone to rat out drunk drivers or alert the authorities if you’re having a health crisis.) Drivers under the age of 18 are further restricted—no laptop use while driving (imagine!), for example. And, as the tax-payer funded DMV video found on this Web page explains, no, kids, you can’t text while driving even if you have a note from your mother.

In the video I point the camera at two FM transmitters—Griffin Technology’s $50 iTrip Auto SmartScan and one of DLO’s TransDock transmitters (priced from $80 to $100). Both of these transmitters will scan the dial for open frequencies, which can be a real time saver as well as a safer way to operate an iPod/iPhone in your car.

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