Apple debuts another iPod touch web ad

Not that this is their first time ever or anything, but Apple has just published a web version of their recently introduced iPod touch commercialCurrently playing on Pitchfork, this is almost exactly the same spot and advertises those same games, only in a, er, less subtle way.

A YouTube video of the advertisement (and a bonus tip for Safari users) is waiting for you after the jump.


I know some people like to collect all of Apple’s advertisements, whether they be the "Get a Mac" television spots (I sure have a fondness for them) or Web-based advertisements like this one, and here’s a trick to download the Flash file for this advertisement using Safari.

When you click on the link above and the Pitchfork homepage is loading, launch the Activity window (Window » Activity) and scan through the items under the “Pitchfork: Home” heading to locate the 4.2MB ‘FLV’ file. Just click on it and hit ‘Cmd-C’ to copy the URL and then paste it into the Downloads window (Window » Downloads). And there you have it, another addition to your already humungous collection of Apple advertisements. You’re welcome.

[Via MediaMemo]

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