ADrive offers online backup client for Mac via Adobe AIR

ADrive on Tuesday announced the release of ADrive Desktop, client software designed to help with backup and recovery from Mac OS X and other operating systems. It’s designed to work with Signature and Premium customers of ADrive, an online backup service.

ADrive provides users with 50GB of online storage and backup. It’s a “cloud storage” system that lets you upload and store files of any type, including media files like movies and music, or documents. You then can access them from any Internet-connected computer. You can share files with other users, edit documents online, use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or use the ADrive Desktop software.

The ADrive Desktop software was developed using Adobe Interactive Runtime (AIR), Adobe’s software that enables developers to offer “rich” Internet applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, and Ajax.

ADrive Desktop lets you upload, download and schedule jobs to backup files and folders from your computer to an ADrive account.

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