Keynote 3D Stuff adds 45 new images for presos

iPresentee has announced the release of Keynote 3D Stuff 2.0, a package of 3D images to be used in your Apple Keynote presentations, iWeb and Pages. It costs $20.

All of the images are optimized for 1024 x 768 presentations, or for iWeb templates and Pages documents of any size. The background of all of the images is transparent, so you can use them with any sort of colored background. You change size, rotate them, increase or decrease their opacity, fit them with shadows and overlap them, according to iPresentee.

The 2.0 release adds 45 new objects plus the 70 included from the 1.0 release. Objects include everything from an Apple to a pencil, office objects like thumbtacks and file cabinets, household items like lamps and chairs, whimsical items and more.

Any version of Keynote, iWeb, Pages or Microsoft PowerPoint or Word is required.

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