iPod shuffle gets a little color in its cheeks

Displeased with the new iPod shuffle’s shift from an extensive spectrum of colors to the monochromatic options of gray and black? If you’re prepared to spend a little extra cash, you can get your own buttonless media player in pretty much any hue of the rainbow (and a few others).

The folks at Computer Choppers already offer colorized versions of several Apple products, including the Mac mini, MacBook, and iPhone, so the new shuffle is a natural continuation. Colors for the shuffle include red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, blue, lavender, purple, and pink. Each of those will run you $129—that’s $50 more than the stock shuffle (or roughly the price of a second-generation shuffle).

If that’s not quite flashy enough for you, well, Computer Choppers will happily add metal plating to your iPod. Take your choice of chrome ($149), copper or black nickel ($169), 24 karat gold ($179), or white gold, rose gold, or platinum ($199). Though, frankly, at those prices, you really might want to consider the less blingy but far more capable iPod nano.

[via Gizmodo]

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