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Here’s a simple-yet-geeky Friday hint concerning iTunes and the sort of device information it provides for a connected iPhone, iPod touch and Apple TV. As you know, these machines show up in the Devices section in iTunes, and you can read various summary information on each device’s Summary tab.

The iPhone, for instance, displays Name, Capacity, Software Version, Serial Number, and Phone Number; the touch shows of those except for Phone Number. The Apple TV shows Name, Capacity, Software Version and Serial Number. But that’s not all—there’s actually more data available with a click of your mouse.

With an iPhone or iPod touch attached, click on the Software Version label, and it will switch to Build Number—potentially useful information if you’re troubleshooting an issue with Apple. Click Serial Number, and it changes to Identifier (UDID)—this long series of characters is your phone’s unique device identifier, and if you ever get the chance to test a developer’s iPhone application, they’ll need it to give you a build of their code. Once it’s on screen, press Command-C and it will be copied to the clipboard, ready for pasting into a Mail message. Finally, click Phone Number (not for the touch, obviously) to see your phone’s IMEI; click again to see its ICCID.

On an Apple TV’s Summary tab, click Software Version to see the Build Number, and click Serial Number to see your machine’s IP address—this can save a trip to the television to find the IP address via the Apple TV itself.

As far as I can tell, there’s no additional information available for the various iPod models. I don’t, however, have every model ever released—despite what you may hear from my relatives—so it’s possible there are extra data fields for some iPods. I can only vouch for the Apple TV and iPhone, however; the touch data here came from a co-worker.

A tip of the hat to Mac OS X Hints reader Ron Manke for pointing this one out.

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