KeyCue adds support for system-wide shortcuts

Ergonis Software on Monday announced the release of KeyCue 4.4, a new version of its “cheat sheet tool” for Mac OS X which helps you discover and apply keyboard shortcuts. A free update for users who have registered KeyCue in the last two years, it’s priced starting at €20 (US$27.40).

KeyCue saves you from having to memorize key combinations. When you press the command key, KeyCue detects what hotkeys are active in that application and gives you an instant overview of the functionality of any application.

The new 4.4 release includes system-wide shortcuts, used for things like keyboard navigation, taking screen shots, zooming, activating Spotlight, Exposé, Dashboard and more. You can determine whether those shortcuts should appear together with menu shortcuts in one large table or in a separate table by using a different activation key.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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