Cinemizer Plus video goggles get ‘Works with iPhone’ approval

Carl Zeiss has announced that its Cinemizer Plus video goggles, which will launch in May, have already received Apple’s “Works With iPhone” approval. The Cinemizer Plus will be priced at $450.

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer
Carl Zeiss' original Cinemizer video goggles.
The Cinemizer Plus will ship with clips to fit either version iPhone or an any video-capable iPod. It plays back the video content on those devices through the headset, so you can watch your video privately while simulating a “big screen” experience. Zeiss claims the image is optically tuned to appear as a “virtual” 45-inch screen as viewed from about six feet away.

The Cinemizer Plus combines LCD screens with individual diopter focus adjustments — from -3.5 to +3.5D — so you can compensate for blurry vision. A built-in battery runs the display for up to four hours per charge.

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