Try as we might to escape its influence, the economy continues to drive the thinking of many—to distraction, away from Detroit, and toward inexpensive image capture devices. It’s this last subject that we focus on in this episode of the Macworld Podcast.

I’m joined by Macworld senior contributor, professional photographer, and multimedia maven Ben Long to look at today’s most inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras. According to Ben, these approximately $100 cameras pack far more punch than you might imagine (and “smile detection” to boot!).

After the break, the discussion turns to inexpensive pocket camcorders.

Before we launch into these discussions, I offer my 2 cents on 129 cent tracks from the iTunes Store.

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Show Notes

I open the podcast by talking about what the removal of DRM from music tracks at the iTunes Store might mean. If you’d like more detail, take a look at my DRM-free iTunes: What it means for you.

During our discussion of inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras, Ben routinely says “We looked at….” He invokes the Royal We to hint that Macworld will be publishing a point-and-shoot camera buyers guide in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled.

Ben also mentioned his books and Tuscan Digital Photography Workshop. Among Ben’s many books his Complete Digital Photography, has earned a prized place on my bedside table. It’s made me a far better shooter. Better still, is spending time shooting with the incredibly affable Ben Long. He’s a patient and careful instructor and a heck of a nice guy. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot in Italy, and learn a lot while doing it, you couldn’t ask for a more capable companion.

In our second interview, we mention a few pocket HD camcorders that I’ve reviewed over the last year. Those reviews include Kodak’s Zi6, Pure Digital’s Flip MinoHD, DXG’s DXG-567V HD, and Creative Labs’ Vado HD. We’ll be discussing these and full-size HD camcorders in an upcoming HD camcorder buyer’s guide. Again, eyes peeled, please.

Note: When discussing the price of these pocket camcorders I misspoke—stating that the best price I'd seen for the MinoHD and Vado HD was in the low $100 range. What I should have said is the low $200 range.


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Updated to alert listeners to misspeaking the price of the MinoHD and Vado HD pocket camcorders.

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