SoHo Apple Store ramps up for Tribeca Film Festival

Apple's trendy SoHo retail location will one again take part in the upcoming 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. Apple has a variety of events planned that are open to the public during the festival.

Perhaps the biggest series scheduled at the Apple Store during the festival is "Meet the Filmmakers." In this series, some of the big names in filmmaking will take the stage at the Apple Store SoHo to discuss their latest projects.

Among the people scheduled are Spike Lee, Natalie Portman, Ti West, Conor McPherson, Lee Daniels and Kirby Dick, among others.

Another series happening during the festival is called "What’s New in Filmmaking." Professionals will take you through writing scripts, gorilla filmmaking, and script development.

Information on all of the events are available from Apple's SoHo retail Web site.

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