VP announces Hearts of Iron 3, Elven Legacy games for Mac

Virtual Programming has announced plans to release two new games for the Mac: Hearts of Iron 3 and Elven Legacy. Pricing and release dates haven’t been announced — Elven Legacy just began shipping for the PC, while Hearts of Iron 3 is expected to be released for the PC until later this year.

Hearts of Iron 3 is a turn-based strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive. As the name implies, it’s the third game in the series — a “grand strategy” title set during World War II. The game is expected to offer new features to those already familiar with the series, including a map that contains more than 10,000 provinces.

Also licensed from Paradox Interactive, Elven Legacy is a strategy title with a fantasy theme. Elven Legacy follows the adventures of the sorceress Gilwen and the ranger-lord Seagate as they try to prevent the forbidden knowledge of the Elven race from falling into the hands of mankind.

Elven Legacy features an epic quest and a storyline with multiple endings. Tools included with the game will let players craft their own missions and campaigns, which they can share with each other through multiplayer.

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