Apple: A PC is no bargain when it doesn’t do what you want

Apple doesn’t directly respond to most of the things rivals say about it and its products, but I guess Microsoft's ridiculous new ad campaign was too silly to go unanswered.

In one of the ads, Microsoft challenged Lauren to find a 17-inch notebook for less than $1,000—and concludes "I'm just not cool enough to be a Mac person." Even with a larger budget, Giampolo opts for an HP laptop as well.

"Millions of people have switched to Mac because they love the security, stability and power that comes with world-class hardware and amazing software that just works, right out of the box," Apple spokesman Bill Evans, told Macworld. "A PC is no bargain when it doesn't do what you want. The one thing that both Apple and Microsoft can agree on is that everyone thinks the Mac is cool; with its great designs and advanced software, nothing matches it at any price."

Good point—why buy a computer that won't get things done?

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