Newer’s Guardian MAXimus RAID goes quad-interface

Newer Technology on Tuesday announced that it has upgraded its Guardian MAXimus desktop RAID system to provide “quad interface” support. The system is available starting at $230.

The Guardian MAXimus is a plug-and-play RAID Level 1 storage system for Macs and PCs. The system contains two separate drives, configured to mirror each other to provide redundant backup in the event of a catastrophic hard drive failure. It's aimed at businesses that need redundant backup capabilities.

The system is now available with external Serial ATA (eSATA), FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 connectivity, and also features a more energy-efficient design that Newer claims uses 40 percent less power than before. Inside are SATA hard disk drive mechanisms.

The Guardian MAXimus comes in ten capacities ranging from 250GB to 2TB. A $140 “add your own SATA drives” kit is also available.

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