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If you’ve kept an eye on this week you know that I’ve been on a tear in regard to the Mac mini as a media server. In this week’s Macworld Video I cap off that coverage with a video overview of what you can do to make your Mac mini a welcome member of the family AV center.

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This video just scratches the surface of what a Mac mini can do in the media world. For more details, read the series, which includes, Part 1: Revisiting the Mac mini Media Center, Part 2: Configuring Front Row, Part 3: Get Content, Part 4: Control Everything Remotely, and Part 5: Is it Worth It?

But wait, there’s more. Macworld editorial director Jason Snell provides a helpful glimpse at what’s worth watching from Netflix’s Watch Instantly service. And in this week’s Macworld Podcast, Macworld senior editor Dan Frakes and I discuss upgrading the Mac mini. Later in that same podcast I speak with a gathering of international Macs about the Mac mini as media server.

In the course of the video I mention several sites and products. They include:

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