LittleSnapper update improves thumbnail generation

Realmac Software on Tuesday released an update for its digital scrapbook utility, LittleSnapper. The update adds several small features and fixes a number of bugs.

Among the changes with LittleSnapper 1.0.3 are improvements when copying out snaps via the Edit menu; sites with absolute-positioned CSS elements are now snapped correctly; and better thumbnail generation to support drag-out.

A number of bugs were fixed in the new version too. A registration issue that caused a crash has been addressed, numerous problems with dragging images out of LittleSnapper and an issue with Safari 4 Beta that caused crashes when exporting to PDF have also been fixed.

Other bugs fixed in the new version include an issue with selecting (and uploading to) Flickr photosets; issues with colour profiles on exported images; a crash caused by leaving the ‘Fit Within Pixels’ options blank when exporting snaps; and an issue with tags being lost on snapping (when the tag field has focus).

LittleSnapper 1.0.3 is a free update for registered users. For new users, the application costs $39.

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