Star Trek iPhone case mod is pure Vulcan logic

To those of you who've always wanted to mod your iPhone, but have been too afraid to take it apart either because you don't want to void the warranty or you're afraid of damaging the phone, this mod is for you—presuming you're a fan of Star Trek.

It's an iPhone case mod created by Star Trek and iPhone fan Andy Clement. It's a simple mod, really. All you need is an iPhone case, a Star Trek pin (minus the pin part), super glue, and an unabashed love of Star Trek. Here's how you make the mod:

Step 1: Apply super glue sparingly to the back of the Star Trek pin.

Step 2: Press Star Trek pin gently, but firmly against the back of your iPhone case. Be sure to center the pin at a proper angle for maximum visual appeal.

Step 3: Allow time for super glue to dry.

Step 4: Enjoy, and use with Trekkie pride.

While this mod won't give your iPhone phaser capabilities, it's nice to see a straightforward, simple mod that still yields cool results.

[Via Gizmodo]

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