Debtinator 3 debt management app adds transaction ledger

Basset Software has announced the release of Debtinator 3, a major upgrade to its debt management and repayment software for Mac OS X. It costs $28, and is free for registered users to upgrade.

Debitnator generates payment plans to help you deal with your debt in optimal fashion. You fill out your current financial situation — expenses, income and debts — and it generates a schedule for payment accordingly, to help you pay down debt over just the minimum payments, in order to save money on interest.

New in version 3, Debtinator adds a transaction ledger to help you track financial activity you’ve already made. It also adds explicit payment plans, in case you have to deviate from plans due to unexpected changes. “Virtual budgeting” is new in version 3, which lets you segment your bank account into budgets.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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