Resident Evil: Degeneration released for iPhone and iPod touch

Capcom’s popular survival horror game series makes its debut on the iPhone and iPod touch with Resident Evil: Degeneration. It costs $7.

Resident Evil: Degeneration
Shoot the walking dead, shake 'em off or suffer as they eat your brains.
Based on the recently-released CG movie of the same name, Resident Evil: Degeneration takes players to Harvardville Airport, where they have to rescue survivors, unlock puzzles and battle shambling hordes of raging zombies.

The game features real 3D graphics and a context-sensitive control scheme that causes action icons to appear as needed, support for the accelerometer (a “shake off zombie” function) and tilt control (to reload your weapon).

Resident Evil: Degeneration requires iPhone 2.1 software.

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