New Apple banner ad draws attention to customer service

Oh, boy, they just keep on comin’, don’t they? And they keep getting cleverer with every iteration as well. The latest ‘Get a Mac’ Web ad on The New York Times Web site uses not one, not two, but three individual banners, all interacting with each other.

Along the same lines as the recently released series of television spots, this ad focuses on the superior customer service experience you get with a Mac, using the results of a recently published Forrester Research report to make its point. It’s really not as funny as some of the other web ads we’ve seen from the company, but it sure has a surprise ending.

If you hurry, you can check it out on the Times site in all its glory. And if you’ve missed it, don't worry: there’s a YouTube video of the ad in action below.

[Via MacDailyNews]



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