Microsoft announces Zune HD

Rumors have been swirling for awhile that Microsoft would soon unveil a new version of their Zune music player. Those rumors have become fact with the Zune HD. The Zune HD, which will be available in the fall for an undisclosed sum, offers up some interesting specs: HD Radio tuner, HD video out, a 480 by 272 pixel OLED touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, and a web browser (which, according to the street, is built on Internet Explorer).

But it's not just about the new hardware, oh no: Microsoft has announced that the ZuneHD will integrate with Xbox Live Video Marketplace. That’s the online market place that offers up TV shows and movies for rental on Microsoft's game console. More details about that will be revealed E3, the annual video game trade show, which takes place next week in Los Angeles.

Now, I know it is against the rules to suggest that perhaps the Zune doesn’t suck, but gosh darn it if that thing doesn’t look slick—well, in a concept-product-rendering sort of way, at least. And OLED screens tend to look pretty amazing, though hardware has never been Microsoft’s problem. The proof will be in the software, and we all know that’s sometimes been a challenge for our friends in Redmond.

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