Apple campus cafeteria sports iPhone interface

Update: Alas, we knew it was too good to last! Apple has removed the menu page from the Web (probably restricted to actual on campus folk), and now you'll just get redirected to Apple's homepage. But the deliciousness was there, we swear! —DM

As you’re well aware, Apple runs a pretty tight ship over at its Cupertino campus. However, it appears that the company doesn't really mind sharing what's featured on its delicious menu for employees. As a service for said workers, Apple has published an iPhone Web app at that lists everything on the Caffè Macs menu across all five of the company’s campuses.

Neatly divided into categories for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then sub-divided by the variety of cuisine, the Web site also lists the prices and ingredients of the meal. It’s Apple, after all—what did you expect? I wouldn’t be surprised if they put out a press release declaring that this was a revolution in the field of menus and that they were five years ahead of any other restaurant in the world.

Seeing a dedicated Web app for the Caffè Macs menu does make me wonder what the company’s impetus could be behind not having a mobile Web interface for MobileMe users as well. I mean, really, it’s high time MobileMe stopped treating Mobile Safari like a second-class citizen and at least showed a darned login page already.

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