Combine multiple Mail messages for forwarding

Here’s a really simple Thursday tip for users of the built-in Mail program. Despite the simplicity, a surprising number of people I asked hadn’t even considered trying it…ergo, here it is (and thanks to Mac OS X Hints reader julian_w for pointing it out, many years ago).

If you have a need to forward more than one e-mail message in Mail, it’s amazingly simple. Just select all of the messages you’d like to forward—using the Shift (for multiple contiguous messages) and/or Command (for single messages) keys as necessary to make your selection. Then select Message -> Forward (or press Shift-Command-F). A new message window will appear with the contents of every selected message, including their basic headers, and the words ‘Begin forwarded message’ above each one.

Fill in the recipient and subject, click Send, and you’re done. (You can also conserve paper when printing multiple messages, if you’re into the printed word.)

Told you it was a simple tip!

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