Microsoft Bing helps you choose between Mac and PC

[Disclaimer: This post is thoroughly inconsequential and is just intended to brighten up your mood after AT&T’s lackluster performance during WWDC this past Monday. Please regard it with the same lighthearted spirit with which it was written.]

Ask Microsoft whether you ought to buy a Mac or a PC and its answer will probably be inclined in favor of the latter. Microsoft folks will tell you that a PC is cheaper, is used by the majority of the world, and is endorsed by tiny tots and Jerry Seinfeld alike.

Ask Microsoft’s search engine Bing the same question though and it will give you the honest answer straight up: Get a Mac. So far, I’ve found nothing in Bing that could entice me to even consider it as a secondary search engine should Google ever fail me, but boy, it sure is good to know that it’s not misled by Microsoft’s teetering-on-the-edge-of-incorrigible advertising.

Now all we need to do is ask it whether Ballmer is going to run the Redmond giant into the ground and have it reply, “Thank God someone said it out loud!” That would really prove to me that, at least when it comes to Bing, Microsoft truly does believe in a frank and honest approach, like those advertisements would have you believe.

[via Bill Palmer]

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