ooVoo video conference software now works with non-ooVoo users

ooVoo on Monday announced the release of ooVoo 2.1 for Mac, a new version of its video conferencing software. ooVoo is available for free download and runs from free to $18 per month depending on how many users you wish to chat with simultaneously.

ooVoo is a cross-platform video chat software system that supports chat rooms, video e-mail messages, video call recording, multi-party phone and video calls, file transfers of up to 25MB and video effects.

New to the 2.1 release of ooVoo for Mac are features heretofore limited to the Windows release of the software, including a “Web Video Call” feature that lets ooVoo users chat with non-ooVoo users via a Web browser. Video Call Rooms are a new feature that lets you embed an ooVoo video chat in a Web site or blog; Sidebar Mode lets you view your desktop while on a video call by putting video windows into a sidebar; and Video Effects let you dress up your ooVoo chats using customized video effects.

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