Kroll unveils data recovery for Apple Xsan

Kroll Ontrack has announced data recovery services for Apple’s Xsan 2. The service offered for businesses using Xsan servers that have experienced volume corruption.

Apple’s Xsan 2 is a Storage Area Network (SAN)-based clustered file system. It’s designed to help Mac desktop and Xserve systems to share RAID storage volumes over Fibre Channel networks with an absolute minimum of bottlenecking. Practical examples of usage for an Xsan system include video and broadcast television, mail server clustering and storage consolidation in enterprise environments.

Kroll Ontrack provides data recovery products and services for a wide variety of high-end environments. Their Xsan 2 recovery service can now help recover data from corrupted Xsan setups; up to now, Xsan recovery has been limited mainly to hardware-based failures, according to the company.

In April, Kroll announced that it was providing recovery service for Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage as well.

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