AMG offers iPhone ringtone software

Advanced Media Group (AMG) — best known for their Apple Loops sound samples collection for use in GarageBand, Logic and other Loops-compatible audio software — has announced the release of Ringtones for Your iPhone and Make Ringtones on Your Mac. They’re available for $30 and $40 respectively.

Ringtones for Your iPhone contains more than 400 custom-produced ringtones for the iPhone. You can “audition” and load them using iTunes. A wide range of music styles are included, such as hip-hop, 70s funk, drum and bass, rock, synth, trip-hop, rhythm and blues and more.

Make Ringtones On Your Mac includes 300 pre-made ringtones, but also includes software that lets users remix, edit, overdub and customize the ringtones to create their own, along with a library of loops to create ringtones from scratch.

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