iPhone 3.0 receives 'get out of jail, free' hack

It would seem that iPhone 3.0 might finally obviate jailbreaking, since it brings with it many of the features previously available only via jailbreaking: video-recording (well, if you have a 3G S); MMS (well, some day soon, right?); tethering (well, when AT&T gets around to it)—you know what? Never mind.

For those of you who are looking forward to cracking open the latest iPhone software, congratulations: the iPhone Dev Team has released their unlock code for iPhone 3.0. The free hack, dubbed “Ultrasn0w,” allows users of original iPhones or iPhone 3Gs who have upgraded to 3.0 to unlock their handsets and install jailbreak applications.

The one caveat: this jailbreak doesn’t work for the new iPhone 3G S, so if you’re enjoying your “S” for “speed,” you’ll also have to “W” for “wait.”

[via Engadget]

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