What with all the hubbub about the iPhone 3GS and just as much hub (though a little less bub) regarding Snow Leopard, it’s easy to forget that Apple opened the WWDC keynote with talk of an updated laptop line. If Apple’s willing to devote that kind of keynote real estate to the subject, the least we can do is spend a podcast talking about it.

And that’s exactly what we do. Macworld editorial director Jason Snell and senior editor Dan Frakes join me to talk laptops—Apple-branded MacBooks as well as anything-but-Apple HackBooks.

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Show Notes

In the opening News & Commentary segment I mentioned Bruce Schroeder’s 99 cent Lyrics+ as the tool I used to grab some lyrics on the go. It hasn’t been able to pluck the lyrics from every song I’ve thrown at it, but in this specific case it delivered nicely. It’s worth a look if you need this kind of thing.

When discussing the creation of his HackBook, Dan mentioned Boing Boing Gadgets’ Mac OS X Netbook Compatibility Chart as a useful tool for deciding which netbook to start with.

If you’d like to read about the experiences of Macworld editors putting together HackBooks, here’s Dan’s Another Day, Another HackBook, Jason’s Hands on With an Imaginary Apple Netbook, and Peter Cohen’s Hands on with an Eee PC Netbook. And for some insight into how you did it old school with a desktop machine, there’s Rob Griffiths’ historic Frankenmac! What’s in a Mac Clone?

We’ve written extensively about the new MacBooks, including reviews of the:

For more laptop information, visit our MacBook topic page. And for all-things-mobile, our Mobile Mac topic page will serve you well.


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